The New Pollution

So what do we all think about BBC's Mad Men/Rubicon hybrid starring Jimmy McNulty? Halfway through the series, I find it…tedious.

Breaking Bad
I don't understand the fuss over Anna Gunn's weight gain. I don't notice it at all.

The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour
I can see why Showcase shelved it for a year-and-a-half and is burning it off in the middle of summer over three Friday nights.

Friday Night Dinner
Simon Bird is reliably entertaining. The Daily Show should hire him.

MasterChef Australia
I hope Michael wins.


  1. Adam 03 Aug 11 at 12:20

    I thought Anna Gunn was just weird looking because she had plastic surgery between some seasons? She does look puffier, which at the very least means somewhere along the line something failed.

  2. Amber Mac 04 Aug 11 at 15:20

    Drunk and on Drugs is brilliant! Everyone I've spoken to loves it, even if it takes some getting into. Showcase should have aired it not dumped it onto Action.


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