Invisible Waves

Previously on Adam Riff™:
Steven: I kinda just want to buy a plane ticket already and get out, and then figure it out.
Jon: Just up and move to Seattle, eh? Like vagrants.
Jon: Hmm…

Jose: You're mental! What is your plan for Seattle?
Jon: To live there?
Jose: …
Jose: Come to New York City. I can help you plan.

Chris: i was talking to my friend tonight about buying a bar and running it
Chris: lots of live music
Chris: but i don't have strong math background or any real experience
Chris: shit, i don't even know accounting very well
Jon: well, uhhh, i could help (asian)
Chris: i don't know if you'd get along with my friend though
Jon: i'm fine with being the sweet dee of the gang

Jon: jose's trying to sway me to move to austin instead
Steven: austin is cool and you may like it, but it's not the same anymore. marfa is the new austin
Jon: marfa?

Jon: one of my mates in seattle wants to open a bar
Jon: i think it would need a gimmick
Steven: i want a bar that shows you how much you've had to drink
Steven: social networking plus drunk
Steven: every person that comes into the bar gets a card
Steven: the card gets scanned and you pick a username
Steven: every time i order a drink, my card gets scanned
Steven: a screen shows i've had 4 dos xx
Steven: maybe a friend sees me on the screen and pays my tab, or maybe he sends a dos xx my way
Steven: people would love to see themselves on screen, paying for drinks
Steven: "steven bought 4 drinks for himself, and 2 drinks for others"
Jon: so a bar with a news feed
Steven: yes
Steven: "steven played 'gucci gucci' on the jukebox"
Steven: do you know how cool it would be to see a girl drunk off her ass and then you can go and scoop her up?

Steven: i'd want the prices to be cheap too
Steven: 1.50 for domestics, 2 for premiums
Steven: i'd want happy hour and reverse happy hour
Steven: oh, and spotify as the jukebox

Steven: more and more bars are requiring food
Steven: if i was in seattle, i'd have taquitos or something
Steven: something nobody can get
Jon: [pause]

Steven: a bar with social networking, i'm telling you
Jon: a big brother bar
Steven: yes
Steven: people would think it's ironic
Steven: call it…utopia

Steven: it would take about 50k
Steven: you need investors
Jon: well, jose knows a bunch of venture capitalists…
Jon: can you imagine peter thiel investing in a bar?

Adam: i feel like pumping any money in a bar venture in seattle is a bad idea
Adam: the market around seattle, ESPECIALLY capitol hill, is totally oversaturated
Jon: hmm…
Jon: have you ever been to marfa?

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