Alberto Del Taco

Film Biopic Idea: Tyler Perry's Rick Perry.

Reality Competition Idea: 12 strangers move into a house to be tormented into moving out. Contestants can move out of the house at any time. The last contestant remaining in the house wins $100,000.

Sample torments:
» 14.4 kbps dial-up Internet connection
» remove all forks and knives in the kitchen, leaving only spoons
» reduce shower head water pressure to a trickle
» all exercise equipment generates a durian odor when used

When two contestants remain, blast "Dani California" throughout the house on an endless loop.

Video Game Idea: A fighting game equivalent of The Expendables.

Sample roster:
» Alien
» Ash
» Daniel LaRusso
» Darth Vader
» Freddy Krueger
» Hulk Hogan
» Ivan Drago
» Jason Voorhees
» Khan
» Lord Humungus
» Michael Myers
» Optimus Prime
» Predator
» RoboCop
» The Terminator
» Tron

Licensing would be an ordeal, but who wouldn't want to play this game?

—esp. if it was set up like a VS game, tag team


  1. a 23 Aug 11 at 12:28

    great ideas

  2. josh 24 Aug 11 at 02:14

    Dani California already is an endless loop.


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