They sit around the conspiracy table and they conspire

I'm Pregnant and… returns on September 1 with "I'm Pregnant and… My Husband Wants to Become a Woman."

For the past six months, Josh has been undergoing treatments to become a woman by taking estrogen shots, while Brandy suffers from trichotillomania, a disorder of obsessive hair pulling, which she covers up with a wig.

Their poor son.

Then on September 8: "I'm Pregnant and… a Little Person."

Cinemax's Strike Back acceptably fills the void left by 24. Two episodes in, its body count already numbers over 35, and three moles have surfaced.

Launchpad McQuack was like the John Munch of animation. He was considered for the lead role on TaleSpin too.

Rob Dyrdek is like the Seth MacFarlane of MTV.

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