Wicked Pretty, Wicked Dumb

According to Sepinwall, Rob McElhenney originally wanted the gang to all gain weight.

Idea: Dirt Dogs, a comedy series starring members of the 2004 Boston Red Sox, playing exaggerated versions of their 2011 selves. Fat, nerdy Schilling; downward-spiraling Manny; Pedro… I need a fourth.

I wonder what Steve Jobs' coffin will look like, and if he's already designed one. Unibody…

Idea: A podcast version of the VH1 show The List.

WGN is carried in Canada too? Its appeal to cable and satellite providers baffles me.

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  1. Riley 14 Sep 11 at 14:00

    re: Dirt Dogs- Kevin Millar. He's turning into baseball's Guy Fieri.


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