No Homo

Last week, I conceived a post – This Week in "No Homo" – and scrapped it after discovering that "no homo" use on Twitter is relentless.

Among the four hours worth of tweets containing "no homo" that I bothered to sift through, I noticed that, in addition to typical insecure "no homo"s, some people used "no homo" like a self-referential "that's what she said."

I HATE this NBA lockout…I need some pro-ball action, man…no homo.

Instead of "no homo" as "that may sound effeminate, but I assure you that I am masculine," "no homo" as "that kinda sounds homo-erotic, heh."

Series 3-2 Rangers v.s cardinals goin hard -No homo-

Freese came up huge twice. no homo

I also noticed women using "no homo," which is odd to me.

If a woman uses "no homo" like a man typically uses it… Translation: "I am not effeminate. I am masculine. I am butch. Yes homo?"

And if "no homo" means "that may sound masculine, but I assure you that I am effeminate," it's a generally irrelevant qualifier.

"She looks hot. No homo." A woman thinks another woman looks hot? Shrug.

"I changed the oil in your car. No homo." Okay…

One case where a woman using "no homo" works: "No homo. No homo." "No homo ['I am not attracted to women.']. No homo ['That sounded crass. I don't normally speak like that.']."

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