My heart beats for you like fists from the inside of a trunk

Hollywood needs two wax museums located a block apart as much as it needs a "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" Museum.

—Is that the one with a skull outside?
—No, that's the Museum of Death.

Reality Show Idea: Celebrity Career Rehab, a la Kitchen Nightmares.

Beverages and More! = BevMo!
Beverages and Games = DavBu.

Coffee Table Book Idea: Homeless people sleeping.

I sorely underestimated the appeal of 24-hour pho restaurants.

If I opened a pho restaurant, its sign would look like this:

The best marketing slogans the Los Angeles Kings could think of were "It's Richards Time" and "The Time Is Now"?

The Philadelphia Sméagols, heh.
The Fellowship of the Reid.
The Philadelphia Fellies.
The Philadelphia Shires.

Not sure why Gmail targeted an ad for "kosher turduckens" toward me.

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