The World Is Flat

Jon: I goof on Ty for living in the upper west side of Manhattan instead of somewhere in Brooklyn, but I think I would rather live in the west side of Los Angeles than somewhere in Silver Lake, Los Feliz, or Echo Park.

Jon: Hmm… If the 170 is the Harlem River, and the 110 is the East River…

Rory: Compton is Williamsburg.
Jon: Catalina Island is Staten Island.
Rory: Santa Monica is…Fairview, NJ?
Jon: Pretend Manhattan extends west out to Santa Monica – Coke bottle shape.

Rory: What's "A"?
Jon: Staples Center, L.A. Live.
Rory: Well, they're underwater, as are Dodger Stadium, Echo Park, and USC.

Jon: Better?
Rory: Dodger Stadium in the Bronx, heh.
Rory: East Los Angeles is Rikers?
Jon: [shrugs]


  1. Cangrejero 10 Nov 11 at 07:03

    This is brilliant.

  2. esteban 10 Nov 11 at 11:09

    my friend in LA says echo park is happening. "ghetto, but it's gonna be happening soon"

    is this a true assessment?

    1. Jon 10 Nov 11 at 11:53

      @ esteban: Yes, that is a true assessment.

  3. still here? 11 Nov 11 at 02:01

    seriously one of the best things you've ever had on here.


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