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My favourite film of the year so far is Austria's Michael (2011), about a paedophile and the 10-year-old boy he holds captive in the basement of his home. It contains some indelible scenes and would pair well with Dogtooth for a double feature.

I saw a sign advertising "scalp pigmentation" for men who are bald or balding.

"Are some men so insecure that they can't wait for the sun to create an even head tan?" I thought.

Turns out "scalp pigmentation" is tattooing artificial stubble on your head to conceal baldness.


If you're gonna pay for fake hair, pay for more hair!

Rory: The villain in The Expendables 2, played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, is named "Jean Vilain."
Jon: Isn't Jet Li's character named "Yin Yang"?

IMDb » The Expendables 2 » full cast and crew

Jon: Yup. Yin Yang.
Jon: Terry Crews' character is named "Hale Caesar."
Jon: Randy Couture is "Toll Road."

Jon: Asbestos Felt – that can't be his real name.
Rory: I thought the same about Shotgun Spratling, and…his name is fuckin' Shotgun Spratling.

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Duke Derp

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