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Which one of my football teams will torment me more this season: my Bruins or my Bears? I'm picking Chicago. I've got a bad feeling about this season.


After losing Jay Cutler, the (then 7-3) Bears lost their next five (out of six remaining) games.
After losing to a 6-6 Illinois team that closed with six losses in a row, the Bruins became the first team to finish 6-8 in FBS history.

Caleb Hanie.
Kevin Prince.

The Bears lost to a 4-7 Chiefs team on a Hail Mary.
UCLA lost to USC 50-0.


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  1. John 02 Jan 12 at 15:02

    I would go with the Bears overall, they were a real contender til they lost Cutler and Forte. I don't think UCLA was supposed to amount to anything special. So my conclusion would be the Bears mainly for their fall from potential glory.

    Go Giants!


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