Gas, Lye, Glow

Without realizing it, we go from the age where we say, "My life will be that," to that age where we say, "That's life."


At lunch with my parents, the owner of the restaurant, a family friend, stopped by our table.

He gushed about his director son's next film – G.I. Joe: Retaliation – and then inquired about what I'm up to.

"Oh. Heh. I'm not doing anything right now."

"He's writing," my mother interjected. "A book."

"About what?"

"Um…everything," I replied.

"Ah. Well, I wish you success. All grown up and writing a book!"


"I'm-a put that on my résumé, mom. '2011-2012: Wrote a book about everything.'"

I kind of resent people with young parents. Bill Simmons, for example, is 13 years older than me, but our fathers are the same age. It doesn't seem fair that his father may be in his life longer, or relate to him better, than mine.

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  1. Tyler 16 Jan 12 at 12:03

    Of course you know Jon Chu's family. Of course.

    I expect screeners for all future Bieber and Step Up sequels.


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