Next Stop, Valhalla

The Book of Drugs—featuring cameos by Redman, Ani DiFranco, and Jeff Buckley—

Mike Doughty, the frontman of my favourite band of all time, Soul Coughing, wrote a memoir.

is the story of his band's rise and bitter collapse, the haunted and darkly comical life of addiction, and the perhaps even weirder world of recovery.

Perhaps even weirder, definitely much less interesting creatively.

Today I discovered The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.

The latest installment:

Socrates would say that Gob's worries about the next illusion, Lindsay's worries about finding a suitable partner in adultery, and Tobias's fears of being nude all fail to consider what is really important. Our crucial concern should always come down to one question: Am I being moral? [source]

Ah so.

On the future of public libraries:

If they digitize their materials, all books would be available on demand, though I imagine you still might have to wait to borrow eBooks, as the alternative would undercut sales.

Libraries purchase eBook licenses – 10 for a best-seller, one for…Final Fantasy and Philosophy: The Ultimate Walkthrough.

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