Clinical Trial 15

Jon: Mike pitched an Adam Riff™ podcast to me.
Rory: Didn't you develop one three years ago?
Jon: Yup. It floundered, though, like so many of my grander ideas – the Canadian television website, the Slaughter DVD, the Cribsheet mobile app, the quarterly themed magazine… [sigh] Little Red Hen I am I am.

Jon: Also, I haaaate the sound of my voice.

Jon: You know how orchestras play off lengthy speeches at awards shows? If I ever record a podcast, I want you to listen in and play off any conversation that bores you. Just fade in some classical music on your end.

I'm surprised that a podcast festival doesn't exist yet. Part film festival, part music festival…


For the sixth year, AMC Theatres will show all the "best picture" Oscar nominees as a day-long marathon.

The sadist in me would begin the marathon with The Tree of Life, followed by War Horse and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

The Wily Castle theme from Mega Man 2 is underutilized as a pump-up song.

Idea: A dance party at which the DJ plays only remixes of music from Mega Man games. Snake Man theme all night!

Supercuts that I'm too lazy to assemble:
1. All the references to colleges and universities on 30 Rock
2. All the scenes featuring characters eating on Breaking Bad


  1. Josh 27 Jan 12 at 23:14

    You don't get to choose the order. They just show them all in a row

    Also Grandmas Virginity Podcast!!

  2. Russell 28 Jan 12 at 03:58

    If you're going by the Coachella tiered system of headliners > established stars > up & comers, the fact that you have The Nerdist coming out last over both Comedy Comedy Bang and The Best Show on WMFU is a slap in the face to anyone who has ears or a sense of comedy.

    1. Jon 28 Jan 12 at 15:36

      For those three, I went by iTunes Store popularity.

      1. Russell 29 Jan 12 at 07:07

        Itunes Store popularity is fatally flawed I guess.

  3. Anonymous 28 Jan 12 at 14:52

    Hey, I have ears! What the hell, Jon?

  4. hugo 30 Jan 12 at 10:56

    i'd shit my pants if this were to actually happen



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