Let the brown foaming mess wash all over you

Steven: new burger place in san antonio
Steven: ice cream burger
Jon: like, a savory ice cream sandwich?
Steven: no
Steven: like, a meat patty with fried ice cream on top of it

It's called the "Ice Cream Cheeseburger," and it can be found at Fatty's Burgers & More— served with or without bacon.

Add either vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

Other unique combinations are the "Chocolate Chip Cookie Burger," which is a burger with a cookie [inside]; and the "Pancake Burger." [source]

The bun seems redundant.

Anyone know of an eatery that offers a burger with two cookies as the bun, like a cookie Luther?

Jon: way to rep one of america's fattest cities
Steven: it's the mexican food, i think
Jon: mexican food can be healthy
Steven: why would i want healthy mexican?
Steven: you're probably the type that likes wheat tortillas
Steven: eww

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