I'm a punch line who's punch-drunk with my fist in a broken mirror

I will join the chorus of praise for Puzzlejuice, an iOS game that combines Tetris, Bejeweled, and Boggle.

Idea: A video game that combines Scrabble, Battle Chess, role-playing games, and Bomberman.

On 30×30 grid game board, two players simultaneously play Scrabble and Chess.

Each turn, you can [shop for items, re-distribute experience points, detonate a bomb, and] either assemble a word or move a Chess piece.

You cannot move Chess pieces over Scrabble tiles. Scrabble tiles are barriers, and may box in Chess pieces.

When two Chess pieces converge, they engage in a turn-based battle.

Instead of just scoring points when you assemble a word, you earn experience points, which you distribute among your Chess pieces' battle attribute levels – health, strength, defense, et cetera – or spend on weapons for battle.

You can also spend experience points on bombs with which you eliminate Scrabble tiles on the board in order to extricate Chess pieces or move them more freely. Different bombs eliminate tiles differently.

A game ends when you defeat your opponent's queen in battle.

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