Live Stream: Chronicle

Does anyone attend Fathom events?


Oh this is the trailer for Battleship that Josh was talking about.


This Three Stooges trailer… OY VEY… It's like Fox is challenging Armond White to spin it into gold.

Meanwhile: Still no sequel to Brain Donors.

I like Matt's jacket.

Matt reminds me of Lip Gallagher on Shameless [UK]. Who is this actor?

OH. He played the antagonist stepbrother in Wasted on the Young ¹ !

I like Matt's wardrobe.

Idea: A clothing identification mobile app – Shazam for clothes.

Heh. Black dude dies first.

Supercut Idea: Ominous nosebleeds in film and television.

Ominous nosebleeds are ripe for parody. "False alarm! Just dry air…"

Christina is alerted that Blake attacked Cee Lo.

[Matt hovers outside the top of the Space Needle]
Continuity error – no blood on his shirt that he bled onto a few scenes earlier.

Andrew = Tetsuo, Matt = Kaneda.

Interesting end credits audio.

This was filmed in South Africa? Cape Town as Seattle. Huh.

¹ Picture a cross between Skins [UK] and Oldboy.

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