Distance and Meaning

I need to find a way to be in London on August 12.

I think one of my cousins lives there.

Idea: A Blur/Gorillaz joint tour.

Has any musical artist ever toured with two of his or her projects? I know Conor Oberst played with both Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes at a benefit concert, but I mean a full tour opening for yourself.

Once upon a time, I envisioned a tour on which Sparta and The Mars Volta opened for At the Drive-In.

Idea: A wedding reception roast. Instead of toasting the bride and groom – roasting them. The head table doubles as a dais.

Steroids era players should be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame with the caveat that their inductions will be roasts.

The Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Roast of Mark McGwire!

Bar Mitzvah roast. Take it like a man.

Romantic Comedy Idea: A man discovers that the woman he's seeing has been adapting their dates into porno videos. The woman initially dates him purely for material to adapt into porno videos, but then she falls in love with him, but then he discovers her porno videos when a buddy of his sends him a link to one. He sees the woman he's dating with a man who resembles him and realizes that he's watching a re-enactment of one of their dates.

The woman's "best friend" is the man's porno stand-in.


  1. Josh 22 Feb 12 at 09:03

    Glenn Danzig did a tour with Samhain opening for Danzig. Zakk Wylde has opened for Ozzy with Black Label Society.

  2. Ryan 22 Feb 12 at 09:45

    Kathryn Calder toured with The Immaculate Machine (along with Dan Bejar and Destroyer) for the New Pornographers Twin Cinema release tour. It was fantastic.

  3. Kurtis 22 Feb 12 at 16:49

    Didn't Sum 41 open for themselves as their hair metal band Pain For Pleasure?

  4. Matt Adams 22 Feb 12 at 17:51

    James Dewees did a tour where he played all three acts. Opened as Fluxuation, then Reggie and The Full Effect then closed as Common Denominator

    1. Ryan 23 Feb 12 at 01:06

      I love everything about that Dewees story.


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