You brought us Taco Bell

At Safeway early Sunday morning, I saw a bunch of unsold green cakes on a folding table and pictured Africans receiving crates of green food later this week.

In the parking lot, I saw a Prius with the license plate "ND OPEC" and bird shit all over its hood. How perfect, I thought.

—Why were you at Safeway at 1:00 a.m. on a Sunday?

—A Hail Mary before last call on St. Patrick's Day.

Idea: An augmented reality Pokémon Snap scavenger hunt played with smartphones and fiducial markers. The markers generate Pokémon on a smartphone screen, which you then photograph.

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  1. Alex 23 Mar 12 at 01:04

    that Pokemon thing is actually a really fucking good idea.


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