Masterpieces liquidate in fertile tears

Gillette sent a man around the world to see how far one ProGlide cartridge could go.

I saw that Gillette ad and thought, "Gillette should have sent him around the country when Taco Bell was testing Doritos Locos Tacos."

Lo, immediately following the Gillette ad was that Taco Bell road trip ad.

But I would drive 500 miles
And I would drive 500 more
Just to be the man who drove 1000 miles
To try an odd taco

Idea: A Frito pie taco with a shell made of Fritos.

Idea: Fried chicken breaded in Cool Ranch Doritos crumbs.

Idea: Peeta chips. "They won't kill you."

Shaun White Stride gum? If I ever need an agent, I want Shaun White's. Dude appears on ESPN2 twice a year and has his own flavour of gum.

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