The path to Heaven runs through miles of clouded Hell

Look at this fucking cover design.

I just finished reading Seed by Rob Ziegler. It's difficult to synopsize.

The near-future United States is dominated by Satori, a bioengineering megacorporation only nominally answerable to the weak government that distributes Satori's genetically modified seed stock to migrants in a land ravaged by climate change. When Satori engineer Pihadassa, the seed's developer, goes rogue, agent Sienna Doss heads out to capture her and persuade her to work for the government. Meanwhile, migrant brothers Brood and Pollo are drawn into the plans laid by both Pihadassa and Satori. [source]

Seed starts slow but picks up nicely. Ziegler's hyper-detailed, hypo-contextualized prose can disorient. Sprinkled in are a few clunky sentences describing sex scenes.

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