Adam Reed walks us through Archer's third season:

AR: One of my weird things is that I constantly, constantly use Wikipedia on these Archer scripts. If a bad guy draws a gun on Archer, I start thinking, "What kind of gun would this guy have? Let's go look… What's a creepy, weird, sort of rare gun?" And I'm on Wikipedia looking up Mauser C96 pistols, and then click, click, click, click, and I'm reading about Family Feud, and just hours go by.

AVC: Do you spend a lot of time combing news sites and newspapers for stories?

AR: No. Definitely not the news. It's all Wikipedia, basically. Just clicking, clicking, clicking and then, "Whoa, here's this dude that got murdered in France with a dildo in his bottom. That sounds like an idea for Archer."

Animated series writers – they're just like us!

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