I'm tired of being down, I got no fight

Driving home from the city: I hope I don't zone out.

10 minutes later: How did I get in this lane?

I zoned out thinking about Andrew Luck's flip phone.

I tried three of Eater SF's 12 places to eat right now.

The chocolate babka at Wise Sons (Jewish deli) is killer, as are the green garlic bread at State Bird Provisions (tapas dim sum) and the tuna tostadas at Tacolicious (clean Mexican).

Wise Sons' corned beef sandwich does not come with mustard already spread on the rye bread. Who eats rye bread without mustard?

Boylan's Diet Cane Cola is not an acceptable substitute for Diet Coke.

At Wise Sons, I saw a hipster girl eating noodle kugel while wearing oversized sunglasses.

I wish my mobile had a camera.

Later, I saw an empty Perrier bottle filled with sunflower seed shells.

Game Show Idea: Send a contestant, armed with a smartphone and smartphone GPS navigation, to retrieve five items scattered about a city that he or she is unfamiliar with.

After the contestant returns with the five items, he or she then has 90 minutes to return them without the use of a smartphone. In addition, the contestant cannot speak to anyone in the city. The contestant receives $5000 for each item that he or she manages to return.

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