I put Snapple in Vitaminwater for two bucks

On my run today, I thought about converting to Mormonism, which led to…

Video Game Idea: Trained to be black operatives for the LDS Church, two Mormon missionaries are sent on dangerous side missions.

They're the heroes the world deserves, but not the ones it needs.

Set the (first) game in a South American country. Support two-player co-op play and include stand-alone four-player co-op missions.

Title: Saints.

No, Mr. and Mr. Smith.

The Smiths?


  1. Cangrejero 07 Jun 12 at 06:28

    What train of thought lead to you considering converting to Mormonism?

    1. Jon 08 Jun 12 at 05:32

      My iPod shuffled up a Killers song, and Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is Mormon.

      1. Cangrejero 08 Jun 12 at 06:46

        Sorry, I'm fascinated. Were you wondering what it would be like, or were you thinking "yeah, I could do that"

        1. Jon 08 Jun 12 at 13:16

          I was thinking about how it might improve my quality of life.


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