My friends are all adults, I'm still a teenager

Recent college graduate
Bi-lingual English/Spanish

This isn't working.

Josh: well
Josh: the bay area
Josh: more phds than any other area
Josh: supposedly

I need to…re-invent myself somehow.

Tech job
Tech job
Tech job
Experience in a corporate environment
Experience managing calendars and scheduling travel


Jon: And do what?

McKern: Run a cash register. Wash dishes.

3-5 years of cash handling experience

Jon: I applied to be a dishwasher at Apple's headquarters, but never heard back. […] Why are you laughing?

Jose: They probably thought you were punking them.

Jon: Why would I apply to be a dishwasher as a joke?

Reason for leaving:
I was fired.

May we contact this employer for a reference?

If not, why?
He fired me.

Have you ever been involuntary terminated?

If yes, why?
I was fired.

My strongest professional reference fired me, but I'm forced to list him because I was his only employee. And my second strongest reference is an illegal immigrant who defrauded two state governments.

Jose: Don't return to school!

Jon: Says the man who's gonna be on the cover of Time magazine in two weeks.

Jose: What would you study?

Jon: Does it matter? I just don't think I can compete in this place with a fuckin' B.A. in English. The dishwashers at Apple probably all have master's degrees.

McKern: so leave
McKern: you're in one of the most overeducated talent pools

Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your academic, scholarly, or professional work


"Hi, I was a student of yours 10 years ago…"

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