I keep the world at bay with all the stones I throw

Our Tumblr, The Agony of Defeat, crossed 4000 posts this weekend. Later this summer: Our first Summer Olympics.

If [Mitt Romney] were to win the presidency, Republicans would control the White House, the House of Representatives, most probably the Senate (the swings that would see Mitt Romney home would flip the Senate as well), and, in the eyes of a great many people, the Supreme Court, too.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal justice, turns 80 next year, and three more of the nine justices are in their 70s. A President Romney could quite possibly guarantee a conservative court for decades to come. [source]

Why do we accept life tenure for Supreme Court justices?

You know who else had life tenure? Fidel Castro and Joe Paterno.

Shouldn't our Supreme Court reflect modern sensibilities? Otherwise, it's the Baseball Writers Association of America.

I just finished reading Hitchers by Will McIntosh, in which spirits of the dead return to possess the living. It's not a memorable novel, but it can be affecting.

Idea: A man who travels backs in time to capture smoking gun crime footage to sell to prosecutors.

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