Iiiiit's The Dark Knight Rises week!

I'm scheduled to see it four times on opening day (midnight, 35mm, LIEMAX, 70mm IMAX). Needless to say, I hope it's good.

One reviewer said it was(for him)the best ending since The Shawshank Redemption. Another called it a brilliant brilliant film and compared it favorably with The Godfather II. [source]

Grain of bath salt.

Scud: An 8:00 AM screening?

Jon: Save $6 before noon.

Scud: [pause]

Jon: I saw The Dark Knight at 3:15 AM. 8:00 AM is comparatively humane. I may need a Red Bull. I'm concerned about needing to pee during the screening, though.

Jon: I saw No Country for Old Men and The Hurt Locker at 9:00 AM at TIFF. Only time I've ever seen either film.

Over/Under: 5 Banes on Halloween you see.

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