Beasts of the Southern Wild's score is wonderful. Bet on an Oscar nomination for it.

Listen: "Once There Was a Hushpuppy"

After the success of "I Believe I Can Fly," Warner Bros. asked R. Kelly to contribute a song to the Batman and Robin soundtrack.

He delivered "Gotham City," a ballad about how we all deserve to live in a place like idyllic Gotham City.

Amazingly, it is not the silliest tune in his oeuvre.

Rory: Doesn't he wipe out on a motorcycle in the video?

Jon: No, you're thinking of Puff Daddy in the video for "I'll Be Missing You." Same year. R. Kelly just leisurely cruises around Times Square with a cow print cowboy hat on.

R. Kelly later issued a remix of "Gotham City," tailoring his message "for the ghetto."

Actual lyrics:
Now ain't that ghetto for ya
But somehow it's gotta change
Ghetto for ya
So I took this remix and re-arranged
"Gotham City"

In its video, he drives the (Schumacher) Batmobile through a ghetto.

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  1. Mike 17 Jul 12 at 21:22

    I bought the Batman & Robin soundtrack. I remember at the end of the song, Kells mutters, "Children sing," and a cherubic chorus litters the coda with, "Gotham Cit-aaaayyyyyy".


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