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Tennis was added to the Summer Games as a medal sport in 1988 after a 64-year absence. Its presence there is awkward in some ways. The Grand Slam tournaments rank ahead of the Olympics in prestige within the game, and traditionalists might argue that a Davis Cup championship does, too.

Yet, over the years, few of the sport's luminaries have skipped the Olympics. For whatever reason, tennis players care. [source]

I like seeing pro athletes at the Olympics, despite medals being a secondary achievement.

When golf is re-instated at the 2016 Summer Olympics, I hope Tiger participates.

London 2012 organizers could not sell out Olympic soccer venues and will cordon off 500,000 seats.

FIFA should allow players of any age to participate in Olympic men's soccer. I seriously doubt that an open 16-team tournament would diminish the World Cup. If anything, it would increase interest in the next World Cup – sneak preview.

If anyone could participate in Olympic men's soccer, however, would the sport's luminaries?

We're spoiled by Team USA.

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