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Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine – none of the four most popular superheroes are currently played by American actors. It's three Brits and an Aussie.

America is a country of 311+ million people. We couldn't find four viable actors?

Batman is up for reclamation. Jon Hamm for Batman! In fact, just cast the next Batman film with Mad Men talent.

Jon Hamm as Batman
Elisabeth Moss as Harley Quinn
Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy
Jared Harris as Alfred
John Slattery as Commissioner Gordon

Brits and Aussies now also play twice as many supervillains as American actors.

Going back five years:

Bane – Brit
The Lizard – Brit
Red Skull – Aussie
Magneto – Brit
Loki – Brit
Frank D'Amico – Brit
Weapon XI (Deadpool) – Brit
Ozymandias – Brit
Jigsaw – Brit
The Joker – Aussie
Abomination – Brit

Blackout – American
Parallax – American
Quentin Turnbull – American
Whiplash – American
Iron Monger – American

Idea: A Revolutionary War film in which all of the American characters are played by Brits.

Tom Hardy, a Brit, is the next Mad Max.

Will an Aussie ever play Mad Max? Mel Gibson is American, not Australian.

Mel Gibson played two Brits in 1995 – William Wallace in Braveheart and John Smith in Pocahontas.

Q: How many American actors have played both a British and an Australian character?

Robert Downey Jr. played an Aussie in Tropic Thunder and a Brit in Sherlock Holmes. That's two…


  1. dedleg 02 Aug 12 at 16:43

    Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy… good lord.


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