Apologize to Melo 5

What if every superhero in the world had to give up what makes them special in order to save the world, and become their meek alter egos forever?

I just finished reading A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer slash intern at Marvel and DC. While its character origin stories are interesting, King's debut novel — like Watchmen, which it is indebted to — is not particularly enjoyable.

What should I read next?

Rory: The Fault in Our Stars.

Jon: I'm on a library wait list for that. 12 hold requests ahead of me.

Rory: Money Is Thicker Than Blood: Murder in the SEC.

Jon: "When an assassin guns down leading Heisman contender, Eliab McDermott, during the Iron Bowl game in Auburn, Alabama, a team of investigators, led by legendary Nashville PD detective Shot Glass Reynolds, sets out to crack the case."

Rory: Eh?

Jon: Alas, no libraries in my area carry it.

Rory: Forbidden.

Jon: This is fiction for young adults?

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