My head is spinning round, my heart is in my shoes

Previously on Adam Riff™:
Jon: My current driver's license expires on my birthday, and my new one may not arrive before I depart.


Bouncer: Your license is expired. You can't stay.
Jon: [pause]

Jon: But you can extrapolate from this license that I'm 30. And I'm just stopping by a pre-wedding soirée. I'm not drinking.
Bouncer: Sorry. You can't stay. Policy.

Danielle: But the manager said…
Bouncer: I need to hear the manager say it.

Manager: Sorry. You can't stay. We can't accept an expired license, particularly an out-of-state one.


Manager: Okay. You can stay, but only in this area. And if I see you with a drink, I'll ban you.

This "10-year reunion" trip to Michigan was kind of a pain logistically, but totally worth it. Now for an overdue mulligan in Chicago.

Bouncer: Leaving already?
Jon: [pause]

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