The Wedding

1. "The Uni Flatmate"

UF: I looooove to smoke. Do you know where I can acquire some weed? I've been craving it since I landed. Hey, Danielle. Did anyone get you a vaporizer for a wedding gift?

2. "The Ex-Girlfriend"
(or: "Awkward conversation with Tony's half-Asian ex whom I hung out with once six years ago")

EG: I just visited San Gabriel. Everything I ate there was delicious.
Jon: Heh.

EG: Remember we left a moon cake on your bed?
Jon: Yup.
EG: I wanted to buy some when I was in San Gabriel, but they were sold out everywhere because of the Moon Festival.
Jon: Heh.

EG: Ching chong ching chong.
Jon: [winks]

3. "The Gourmand"

I spy lamb chops. Where are they emanating from? Ah. That corridor.

G: This is a good place to stand. Dibs on all the hors d'oeuvres.
Jon: Yup. [downs grilled cheese shooter]

4. "The Table"

Jon: How do you all know each other?
T: We attended high school together.

Jon: Oh you're a fashion designer too?

Gay, gay, fashion designer, fashion designer – hmm…

T: While in Detroit, I want to try this barbecue restaurant.
Jon: Slows, yes. Seems like it's the only restaurant in Detroit.

T: Dance with us, Jon Yu.
Jon: Naw, I…
T: C'mon! The best you can is good enough.
Jon: [sigh] Okay.

Joining a pretty girl and her gay mate on a dancefloor – is this a reception or The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

Who's feeling the music more: Gay Mate® or (LULZ) Danielle's father?

5. "The Gourmand (Reprise)"

Lord Sweet Pappy Johnson with an erection. A dessert spread too?

G: Hey, are you…?
Jon: In the corridor, yes.
G: We should be eating partners. We sniff out food alike.

Their wedding cake is cheesecake?! Explains the dessert spread…


Mike: You willing to wait 42 minutes?
Jon: Those people at the bar are leaving. Let's grab their seats, eat at the bar.

T: Hey! We're just leaving.

We? Oh. Gay Mate®.

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