Die Now, Pay Later


Alter Bridge is my favorite band in the world.

The band's name was the idea of lead guitarist and founder Mark Tremonti. Mark was the guitarist for the band Creed.

Mark grew up in Grosse Pointe, a very comfortable suburb of Detroit. His cozy neighborhood was separated from the adjacent Detroit proper by Alter Road. The parents in Grosse Pointe didn't want their kids crossing over into the more rugged streets of Detroit city, so Mark and his friends weren't allowed to cross the bridge at Alter Road.

When Creed ended, Mark had a choice. He could easily sit back and live off what he'd already done, or he could start over and see what existed out there beyond the bubble of comfort and success he had known in Creed.

In his life, Mark crossed the Alter Bridge.

The Bruins have a similar proposition in front of them.

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