1 down and 3.6 tomorrow

The guests on last Sunday's episode of Talking Dead, AMC's Walking Dead after-show, were Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte) and Sarah Silverman. I hear they were terrible.

The guests on this Sunday's episode of Talking Dead will be WWE champion CM Punk and Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley on Community).

Fanboys be damned. Such gonzo booking should be the norm.

Yes, Nikki Sixx and…Crystal Bernard.

Are there things that Adult Swim wouldn't let you put on television?
I wanted to shit so hard that my organs fall out of my anus. Their note was, "He can shit so hard that organs fall out of his anus, but he can't make it look like he's intentionally doing it." That was their only problem. I guess they don't want kids to shit so hard that their organs fall out. We couldn't figure out — without getting a close up of my asshole — how to visually sell that, so we ditched the bit. Like, organs are a dark red/purple color so they're not that bright. And then are they going to be dropping? It's just going to look like large amounts of poop. How do we sell that?

Are there any things your wanted to get on the air this year that you couldn't?
We wanted a bit with Andrew "Dice" Clay called Andrew "Nice" Clay. He's a feminist and he just spouts out feminist theory and stuff like that. "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe. She didn't have any kids because abortion is a personal choice, not a state matter…Oh!"

Toby on Degrassi: The Next Generation is now a professional sports blogger?

And Craig is playing Spider-Man on Broadway?


Shane Kippel
Independent Music Professional
Toronto, Canada Area

Because of course he is.

A rare Tina solo on next week's Glee and it's fuckin' "Gangnam Style," presumably because Jenna Ushkowitz is genetically Korean.


Bad phonetic Korean is bad.

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    out of control with dave couiliar (sp?) > eric andre show


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