Chinese Democracy

Alright, if I tinker with this any longer, I'll need to be institutionalised.

I am chuffed (or was) to present Recall Me Maybe, Adam Riff™'s audio nightcap to 2012, our ninth such annual mix. I hope you enjoy it, flaws and all.

Thanks to Jon Wilcox for still indulging my cover art ideas and persnickety edits after all these years.

Throwing back to our earliest audio nightcaps, a fair amount of the 2012 mix is stuff we have never before shared on Adam Riff™.

Spoiler alert!

We spent $23 to obtain two songs. Can you guess which ones?

Additional thanks to Adam Robot, Michael, Matthew, and Benjamin for sundry contributions.


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  1. Dedleg 11 Jan 13 at 12:27

    Wow, probably the best cover yet.

  2. echimp 13 Jan 13 at 22:01

    I havn't been able to start a new year without one of these since Snowing is Half the Battle.


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