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My mother sent me an e-mail regarding Chinese New Year's Day.

On January 28th, from 11 P.M. onwards to Jan 29, 11 P.M., there are certain restrictions that should be observed, to ensure good luck and prosperity in the new year.

You should not eat crab, yams, mustard greens, daikon, grapes which includes wine, pumpkin seeds, duck eggs. However, you should eat dragoneye fruits, green apples, oranges, white sesame seeds, and bananas.

You should not wear these colors: tops should not be green, black or pink. Skirts or pants should not be yellow or grey. You should wear these colors: orange or red tops, and brown or blue pants or skirts.

It's that time again. In advance of the advent of the Year of the Snake on Sunday, my mother e-mailed me:


From 23:00 on 2-9-13 to 23:00 on 2-10-13, please note:

Don't wear a white top or purple pants.

Do wear a light blue top and black pants.

Don't eat pork, shellfish, red beans, black rice, cucumbers, asparagus, bamboo shoots, honeydews, mangoes, watermelons, papayas, or pineapples.

Do eat oranges, Chinese cabbage, tofu, oatmeal, eel, beef, and green onions.

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  1. Cangrejero 08 Feb 13 at 01:29

    I worked a half day today and have Monday and Tuesday off for LNY. I love this country.


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