Two dozen other dirty lovers must be a sucker for it

Lindsay Weir's mom is now Hannah Horvath's mom.

Freaks and Girls
Lindsay Weir as Hannah
Kim Kelly as Marnie
Millie Kentner as Shoshanna
Cindy Sanders as Jessa
Bill Haverchuck as Adam
Nick Andopolis as Charlie
Neal Schweiber as Ray
Daniel Desario as Booth Jonathan

James Franco has played James Dean, Allen Ginsberg, and Hugh Hefner. What other notable 1950s figures can he play?

Jon Casey: One Arthur Fonzarelli.

Freaks and Recreation
Sam Weir as Leslie
Lindsay Weir as Ann
Ken Miller as Ron
Kim Kelly as April
Nick Andopolis as Andy
Neal Schweiber as Ben
Mr. Rosso as Tom
Alan White as Councilman Jamm

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