Tony Fader Is My Hero 6

Randy Couture uses his years of expertise in the business of mixed martial arts to help turn struggling gyms into thriving enterprises.


Viacom should merge Spike and MTV2, but won't because it would decrease carriage fee revenue. I think, however, that a super channel targeting young men could command a larger carriage fee than Spike and MTV2's combined.

The 32 NCAA tournament first round losers should compete in a concurrent tournament for the opportunity to return in the Final Four, á la Last Chance Kitchen or Redemption Island. The Final Four team with the lowest cumulative margin of victory in the tournament must win an additional game against the champion of the losers' bracket in order to play in the Final Four – more madness.

How is there no subway line directly connecting Queens and Brooklyn? (The G train is a stillborn effort.)

When I lived in Chicago, I heard talk of a "circle line," or "outer Loop," that would connect existing L train lines, so you wouldn't necessarily have to slog downtown to the Loop to transfer lines.

Queens and Brooklyn need, like, a "semi-circle line" that curves westward from Flushing to Coney Island, bypasses Manhattan, and connects to all existing trains.

Kelly Olynyk went all Adam Morrison. Something in the water at Gonzaga.

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