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Today is the fourth anniversary of The Agony of Defeat, Adam Riff™'s sports Tumblr. Four more years?

14. Oh no they didn't (WWE Raw, 04-01-13)

Paul Bearer's real son: If anyone is wondering, yes WWE did come to us wanting approval for tonight's storyline. The way it was presented to us was ok. Seeing it on screen was a different story. I don't even know what to say.

Honourable Mention

Stray Observations

  • Carl's baseball bat silencer (The Walking Dead, S03E16)
  • RT: Carl: "Dad, I'm turning into a cold-blooded killer." Rick: "Pssh, whatevs." (The Walking Dead, S03E16)
  • RT: What's her name who hid under the body… That was a stupid strategy. (The Walking Dead, S03E16)
  • Good riddance to Andrea (The Walking Dead, S03E16)
  • RT: Why would they choose the prison over Woodbury? (The Walking Dead, S03E16)
  • "My master points out that men don't need nipples." (Game of Thrones, S03E01)
  • "Well, I'm sorry I tried to kill you – according to you, anyway." (Bates Motel, S01E03)
  • "You think this beard makes me Santa? I'm an elf." (Justified, S04E13)

(Justified, S04E13)

  • "Higher up the mountain, worse the footing gets." (Justified, S04E13)
  • "Natural One" – from the Kids soundtrack to (Suburgatory, S02E19)
  • "I do like the idea of popcorn kernels in the pancake batter so they self-flip." (Modern Family, S04E19)
  • "Shoot yourself into me, Clark!" (The Americans, S01E09)
  • "The Revolutionary War: America won." (The Americans, S01E09)
  • "You do realize that if you call it a Sophie B. Hawkins dance, people will expect Sophie B. Hawkins to actually be there, right?"
    "[laughs] Yes. And when she comes, I'm gonna be like, I will remember you doubting me."
    "That's a Sarah McLachlan song." (Community, S04E08)
  • "That's guy's like Teflon. No matter how much awful stuff he does, he keeps getting another chance."
    "Yeah, he's like the Colin Farrell of people." (Community, S04E08)
  • "There's only one thing I hate more than lying – skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk." (Parks and Recreation, S05E17)
  • "Nice to meet you. Eat fresh." (The Office, S09E18)
  • "It is super emotional, like in Toy Story." (The Office, S09E18)
  • "If so, food." (New Girl, S02E21)
  • Pam's allergy face (Archer, S04E12)

(Hannibal, S01E01)

  • Fuller: I've been wanting to do the [Shining] bathroom [set] forever. I tried to do it several times on Pushing Daisies but we always had budget restrictions and I wanted it to be exactly like that bathroom. Every show I've done I wanted to build a bathroom that looked like that space. (Hannibal, S01E01)
  • "I am Sean Connery. I want massage." (Nathan For You, S01E06)
  • "You look like an assistant manager at a Jacksonville multiplex." (Happy Endings, S03E16)
  • "Damn you, you Kevin Smith smell-alike!" (Happy Endings, S03E16)
  • One-armed man – Fugitive reference (Happy Endings, S03E17)
  • Green Man suits (Shark Tank, S04E21)


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