Live Thog: Iron Man Three

Is it me, or do visual effects actually look worse nowadays?

God, imagine Triple H as Thor.

Clearly, Disney acquired Lucasfilm to offset the enormous bath it will take on The Lone Ranger. Nothing another Star Wars film can't soothe.

Is this…Eiffel 65?


AND "Mambo No. 5"?!

Jon Favreau's physique is like a box of chocolates.

Was that ShamWow Guy?

With a little editing, The Mandarin's transmissions could be Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" ads.

Downton Abbey, eh?

[snort] Who would ever attack San Rafael?

Studio note: The house destruction scene could use some product placement. Can you work in an Audi?

An active phone booth.

I don't understand why Tony is so traumatized. Wasn't he all jokes at the end of The Avengers? Shawarma?

Heh. Iron Patriot is Fe-lawful.

Is Killian's company named AIM because it's MIA backward?

Adam Pally!

I can't tell if this speed test is product placement or not.

Isn't this the drug lord's house in Bad Boys II?

Reverse Home Alone.

Ra's al Ghul'd.

"I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Budweiser."

If Killian needs Stark to solve his problem, why did he try to kill Stark earlier?

Rhodes was hunting a master terrorist in a polo shirt and jeans.

What if the boy never unlocked the doors? Would Stark be running around with just an iron forearm and crus?

This is the longest Christmas ever.

I'm tired of action scenes in shipyards.

Drill Man. Tony Stark = Dr. Wily.

Capcom Fighting Game Idea: Iron Man vs. Mega Man. All robot characters.

I'm unclear as to how you vanquish a weaponized baddie.

FiOS in small town Tennessee. Mmmkay.

Written by Shane Black and Drew Pearce. Drew Pearce… Oh. He created No Heroics.

If Happy wasn't so nosy, he would not have been injured at the Chinese Theatre, and Stark would not have challenged The Mandarin, and The Mandarin would not have attacked Stark's house, nor would Stark have visited Tennessee.

So if Happy wasn't so nosy, Iron Man 3 could have been an hour shorter. Killian could just have kidnapped Pepper.

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