A heart attack shoveling snow all alone

MTV announced the nominees for its O Music Awards.

Next Big Scene


CloudRap was coined by Lil B during an interview in which he pointed to a dreamy poster of a castle floating on a cloud and declared: "That's the kind of music I want to make." [source]

#Seapunk [is] a genre of dance music and fashion influenced by dolphins and vintage web culture. [source]


A compressed form of electronic music inspired by the net-art aesthetic — often with jungle and trance influences — Vaporwave treads on capitalist ideas as a means to overthrow those same ideas. [source]

I can't.

PizzaCrust #nextbigscene
Coined by Rob Miller while high.

Maremo #nextbigscene
A genre of emo music and fashion influenced by Dolphins quarterbacks.

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  1. dedleg 17 May 13 at 22:36

    I used to think old people were full of shit but music really does just keep getting worse, huh?


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