Live Thogs: Man of Steel / This Is the End


White House Down Syndrome, heh.

Another animated film about auto racing?

Legendary is like Warner Bros.' sugar daddy.

I hereby sentence you to 300 cycles in a dildo!

"I'm a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist!" [chortles] Lois channeling [redacted].

Free association:

Lois Lounds. #hannisteel

You know Clark's not human because he's watching a Kansas football game – against a WAC team, no less!

Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and now Man of Steel – Christopher Nolan sure likes leaps of faith.

IHOP fight!

Man of Steel Marketing Idea: A mobile phone recording of this IHOP fight on YouTube.

Huh. Man of Steel partnered with Walmart to sell tickets, but Sears is the featured big box store in the film.

It's like a bunch of unsexy brands jointly won the lottery – Nokia, IHOP, 7-Eleven, Sears, Kevin Costner.

Boy, this is a lot of action. It's like Warner Bros. is compensating for Superman Returns.

Boy, this is a lot of collateral damage.

Idea: A Superman video game in which the objective is to destroy as much shit as possible, like Rampage or Blast Corps with characters from the world of Superman.

Wayne Enterprises satellite!

The Kansas football team that Clark was watching was ranked 12th. #12 Kansas played Louisiana Tech in 2008, weeks after The Dark Knight was released. Was that satellite part of Lucius Fox's surveillance system?


[checks Twitter]

Mike: Was it me, or were there inconsistencies with the height of Superman's chest hair?


Podcast Idea: Jon and Mike discuss film/television minutiae.

[Grown Ups 2 trailer slays audience]

I am the 1%.

Man of Steel partnered with Carl's Jr., but Carl's Jr. is actually featured – and explicitly so – in This Is the End.

Are those ladies walking out? Yup.

I wonder how Tumblr will overblow this rape joke sight unseen.

You'd think James Franco's house would have access to the basement from inside.

'Tis an eventful weekend for dicks on film – baby Superman dick, flying penal dildos, giant demon erection, floppy demon dong, heavenly dick severing.

When did Kevin rejoin the Backstreet Boys?

The producers needed Louisiana's tax credits to film what is basically a bottle episode?

Huh. They flew all those celebrities out to Louisiana for cameos.

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