Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

26. Chocolate Rain (Mad Men, S06E13)

Honourable Mention

Stray Observations

  • "Los Angeles is not what you see in the movies. It's like Detroit with palm trees." (Mad Men, S06E13)
  • "Three fucks, you're out." (Veep, S02E10)
  • "You like to have sex and you like to travel?"
    "Yes, ma'am."
    "Then you can fuck off." (Veep, S02E10)
  • "Jesus, you wrote this shit?"
    "Yeah, it's like noun verb gumbo." (Veep, S02E10)
  • "Ant Kibbutz" (Veep, S02E10)
  • "D.C.: District of Cunts." (Veep, S02E10)
  • "Was your mom plagiarizing the Bible when she said, 'Oh God, oh God'?" (Veep, S02E10)

(Under the Dome, S01E01)

  • "You're just…sucking a toe." (Total Blackout, S02E14)
  • "Who is Hen Tai?" (Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, S01E09)
  • "It's a well known fact that the greatest actors have the healthiest personal lives – Eddie Murphy, Hugh Grant, Morgan Freeman…" (Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, S01E10)


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