Put a price on my head, won't make me run

R.I.P. my six-year-old MacBook Pro. Apple refused to repair it because it is "vintage."


By that logic, Ed Hardy = vintage clothing.

I saw a bloke on the street wearing this shirt:

Vintage Nets fan.

[browsing UCLA apparel]

Yeesh. These designs…

Vintage Adam Riff™:
During telecasts of collegiate athletic events, you will see ads, or "institutional spots," for each participating school. Idea: Institutional spots created by filmmaker alumni. I'm curious how Wes Anderson would sell Texas or how Judd Apatow would sell USC.

Similarly, colleges with design programs [cough] should commission some apparel designed by design students. Low risk, high reward.

Adam Robot owns a screen printing press and verbally committed to making me an Animal House "COLLEGE" shirt that reads "CORREGE" instead.

I'm not sure I could bring myself to wear it in public, though.

Pepe: Says the man who showed up to high school one day in blackface.
Jon: That was unintentional blackface!

Pepe: Says the man who spent the Halloween after September 11 looking like this.
Jon: Okay, that I can't defend. Vintage Jon?

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