Live Thog: The Wolverine

Future shantytown slum Earth was shot in Mexico City, while off-planet paradise Elysium was shot in Vancouver, Canada. Hmm…

The Sea of Monsters is the Bermuda Triangle. Ah so…

Did a five-year-old write this? Percy Jaxecop.

Why don't comic book characters retreat to warm climates? You know, hide out in Borneo.

Red-haired, odd-shaped-face girl is doing that thing where an actor jerks a steering wheel left and right to convey "driving," never mind that the car would be zig-zagging.

I can't not see CM Punk.

Close-up action is difficult enough to follow, and then you add shaky cam?

Ask a physicist to critique this train top sequence.

Yashida's English is remarkably good for a Japanese native in 1945. Where did he learn a colloquialism like "that's it"?

If Aronofsky directed this, we would've seen Wolverine pull the spider out of his chest.

Idea: A supercut of film/television characters performing self-surgery – or extracting stuff from their bodies.

The weather in Japan is fucked – rainy, sunny, sunny and rainy in the same day, and now snow!

Is Wolverine the most high-profile comic book character to say "fuck" in a film?

CM Punk vs. Coyote Tango.

Lulz at Tensai being repackaged as Krang's mechanical body.

What was the purpose of Mariko's archer friend? His character motivation confused me.

Shorter Wolverine: Wolverine gets over killing a girl he liked by killing the entire family of a girl he likes.

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