Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

My brother is seven years younger than me.

When he was little, I thought it would be fun to see if I could get him hooked on the film Batman Forever.

So whenever he grew restless, I would pop Batman Forever in our VCR, and lo, he gradually began watching it without my prompting, and later fast-forwarding to his favourite parts for a quick fix.

I finally saw Friday Night Lights the film. Mike Winchell's lack of sideburns bugged me.

Television has kinda ruined film bildungsromans for me. A film like The Kings of Summer or The Way, Way Back, I dig the characters and I dig the world, but I wish it was 10 hours longer so that character development felt more natural. As is, I am left unsatisfied.

At Berkeley is a documentary film about the University of California at Berkeley. The film explores the major aspects of university life of America's premier public university with particular emphasis on the administrative efforts to maintain the academic excellence, public role, and the economic, racial and social diversity of the student body in the face of severe budgetary cuts imposed by the California legislature.

Who wants to watch that?

Better question: Why would you document that?

I'm surprised that BART let Fruitvale Station film at its Fruitvale station – at the exact location where a BART police officer shot Oscar Grant.

Idea: Black Community, a black version of the NBC comedy Community. Jamie Foxx as Jeff Winger. Garrett Morris as Pierce Hawthorne. Andy Samberg as Troy Barnes.

Josh: What is the black version of Abed?
Jon: Danny Pudi would reprise the role, like how Peter Dinklage plays the same character in both the white and black versions of Death at a Funeral.

Gay Community – Cheyenne Jackson as Jeff Winger. Kate McKinnon as Britta Perry. Neil Patrick Harris as Abed Nadir. Jonathan Slavin as Dean Pelton.

Hispanic Community – Marc Anthony as Jeff Winger. John Leguizamo as Ben Chang.

Josh: Mario Lopez as Troy. Dustin Diamond as Abed.

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