Yelp reviews written by Tyler B.

The Darby
The club itself has a tight door, luckily, I'm fortunate enough to have friends in virtually every major city that matters who are highly connected.

I was beyond annoyed when security asked to see my room key for me to go to the pool area, my room key was at my table which I explained to him but he simply would not let me go over to the pool area. I additionally looked like a hotel guest, in plenty of Hermes.

Dolce & Gabbana
I like to avoid tourists at all costs, not like the cool European ones or ones from New York but like the ones from middle America who think people in California actually wear Hollister (gross).

Souplantation is exactly what I picture a soup kitchen to be minus the homeless people. I don't see how a place can charge $10 for unlimited food unless that food is cheap and of poor quality.

Pressed Juicery
Prior to the cleanse, I had followed a vegan diet for 11 (almost 12) years. I am pretty healthy. Unhealthy aspects of my life? I drink and smoke.

Fresh East
Me with a bag of Fritos at 2 AM? YEAH RIGHT! My standards for what I put in my body in terms of food remain even when I was completely f*cked up.

Pressed Juicery
As I mentioned before I wanted to lose a little weight. My abs are much more defined than they were before and I don't have bump protruding when I'm not flexing.

I never have had a pair of jeans that showed my perfect legs…UNTIL A.P.C.

Desert Rose Restaurant
My waitress was a little rude. I asked her if she could charge my phone for me and she acted really shocked that I would ask such a question. Like what?

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