What good is west coast weather if you're bi-polar?

Previously on Adam Riff™ (May 22, 2004):

I ran into a group of people standing outside Jerry's Famous Deli all looking at the Kinko's across the street. I turned my head and saw a tall black man standing in front of the counter at Kinko's. My immediate reaction was —Oh snap! He's robbing the place!

Turns out it was Shaq getting something copied.

While stapling scripts today at Kinko's, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a customer walk behind the service counter to proof something. I looked up and it was Spike Lee.

My random celebrity encounters in New York City:
1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
2. Kanye West
3. That Zac bloke from Unique Sweets
4. Spike Lee

Sometimes it seems like scaffolding covers half the buildings in New York. At any given moment, says the Department of Buildings, over a million feet of New York sidewalks are covered by construction sheds. [source]

Art Exhibit Idea: Scaffold City: photos of New York City shrouded in scaffolding

"You know what we HAVE to do when we visit New York City? Buy a framed photo of One Direction."

I wonder where fruit cart vendors in New York City get their fruit. I like to think that, like, Safeway is behind all the fruit carts in New York City – another revenue stream.

[sees Hispanic woman selling mangoes in Union Square]

—How much for one bag?

$3?! But you just sliced up a mango and bagged it! That like a 200% mark-up! This probably isn't a whole mango either!

—I'll give you $2.25.

Homeless people with dogs – fair or foul?

I've never seen a homeless person with a cat.


  1. dedleg 17 Aug 13 at 22:55

    My random celebrity encounters in New York City:
    1. Lawrence Fishburne
    2. Willem Dafoe
    3. Josh Hartnett
    4. Anne Hathaway
    5. Ghostface Killah

  2. dedleg 17 Aug 13 at 22:56

    Oh shit, I forgot – Martin Short, Mark Ruffalo, and Emma Stone as well!


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