Delirium Tremens [UPDATE]

In honor of its first birthday, Prohibition Bakery is selling a limited edition Hemingway-inspired cupcake called Death in the Afternoon.

The cupcake, based on the author's Champagne and absinthe concoction of the same name, consists of Champagne cake with Champagne filling and absinthe frosting. [source]

Prohibition Bakery? Oh. Boozy cupcakes. Pimm's Cup, Old Fashioned…


Devil Jon: You have to try it, Jon. Try it!
Angel Jon: How soon you forget the nicotine gum incident.

UPDATE: It tasted like a cigar.


  1. Alex 23 Aug 13 at 23:48

    Yes, but was it good?

    1. Jon 24 Aug 13 at 00:09

      If you like the taste of cigars…


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