104 Floors of Compromise

Pumpkin-flavoured Snickers?

[inspects wrapper]

Oh. No. Pumpkin-SHAPED Snickers.

Pumpkin-shaped Snickers?! Is a gimmick really necessary to sell Snickers during Halloween time?

Jram: Mars also produces egg-shaped Snickers for Easter.

Jon: Heh. Snickers Coal.

"What did you get for Christmas?"
"[sigh] Snickers."


Jram: Pumpkin-flavoured puffs, though?
Jon: They're more sensical than cheese puffs shaped like pumpkins!

Jon: Candy-cane-shaped Shrimp Flavoured Chips.
Jon: Combos with terse romantic messages printed on them.

So is this like mint Nutella or mint Reese's? Because…minty peanut butter?

Colombians, amirite?

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